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Choosing A Platform Paddle


In order to help you better select a paddle, we put together this chart which categorizes the paddles by weight, head shape/size, and density:

Head Shape/
(More Maneuverable)
(All Around) 
 Round & Oversized
(Bigger Sweetspot)
<360g (12.6 oz)
(More Maneuverable)
Viking Blast Junior (Low) NEW!
Wilson Xcel 2012 (Low)
Wilson Hope BLX 2012 (Low)

(12.6-13.4 oz)
(All Around) 

Viking Synergy II (Mid) NEW!!
Viking O-Zone Lite (Mid)
Wilson Blitz Low BLX (Low)
Wilson Ugly Stick BLX (Low) NEW!
Viking Re-Ignite Lite+ 2013 (Low) NEW!
 >380 (13.4 oz)
(More Control)
Wilson Power BLX 2012 (Smart)
Wilson Blitz High BLX (High)
Viking OZ+ 2012 (Mid+)
Viking TT Pro Elite (High)
Viking O-Zone 2013 (Mid) NEW!
Wilson Blade BLX 2012 (Smart)
Wilson Big Stick BLX (Mid) NEW!
Viking Re-Ignite+ 2013 (Low) NEW!
Low density = Less Power/More Control. High Density = More Power/Less Control.

Beginners or beginner to intermediate platform players should seek a racquet that is lighter in weight, and that has a lower density.  Lower density paddles provides more comfort and offers less shock to the arm in order to avoid tennis elbow.  Beginner-oriented paddles also tend to be much more maneuverable and have a softer core which provides more control, but less power.  The reason it has less power is due to the absorption of the ball energy upon impact.  At this stage in the game, it is best to use a paddle that is easy to swing and easy to control when trying to place the ball, rather than achieving more power. 

Intermediate platform players are better off with a medium density paddle that has a good combination of power and control.  Medium density paddles have a mid-range weight and a safe choice for any average recreational player. If you're just starting out but are an experienced tennis player, you're better off getting a paddle with all-around specs.

Advanced platform tennis players should opt for the higher density paddles with a firm core.  Higher density paddles provide more power, which is controlled by the advanced techniques of the player.  The ball has more power from the mass of the paddle and as it flies off the firm paddle face upon impact.

What is the right Platform Paddle Grip Size for me?

Platform paddles come in either 2 grip sizes.  All adult paddles come in a 4 ¼" grip, and junior grip sizes come in a 4" grip.  The grip is measured in inches and it refers to the circumference of the grip. If you feel 4 ¼" is too small, you can always build it up with a few overgrips.

When do I replace my Platform Paddle?

Unless your paddle was built by NASA, each and every season, you should compare your paddle with your local retail specialty shop's demos. In one season, you should notice a quite a difference in deadness and unequal sweet spots on your frame. 

If you don't upgrade your paddle each season, you are more than likely to: 

1. Make your arm more susceptible to injury as your paddle deadens out
2. Be passed up in your challenge ladder and league with a paddle short on technology, and long on uneven sweet spots
3. Lose control of your favorite shots with a weathered paddle

Viking Paddles & Equipment

New for the 2010/11 season is a breakthrough surface application called SpinTex which will be applied to five performance paddles in the line including the extremely popular, proven performers, Wizard, O-Zone, Re-Ignite and Synergy.  The result is Viking's most advanced paddle line ever designed to deliver the highest level of performance and fulfill the needs of platform players of all ages. 

SpinTex adds an extra layer of texture to the paddle surface to significantly improve ball bite and spin for unparalleled control and placement.   In addition, the new TT Pro Elite will now feature Triple Threat technology, a special woven graphite composite material at 10, 2, and 6 o’clock providing extra stiffness and perimeter weighting in key locations on the paddle which improves power and stability on off center hits.  The result is Vikings most technically sound paddle line ever –each designed to deliver the highest quality construction and fulfill the needs of platform players at all levels. 

Viking balls will now come in a sturdier, reinforced carton to completely eliminate any deformation in shipping. That coupled with updated quality control checks throughout the production process will only further strengthen players confidence that they are getting the best quality ball, and most consistent bounce every time out on court.

Wilson BLX Paddles

New Wilson paddle technology engineered with basalt fibers combining proprietary frame and grip technologies for the perfect feel.

BL=BASALT + X = proprietary technologies combined for the perfect feel

Basalt is a natural volcanic rock. It can be used in manufacturing where it is made into fine gold fibers with incredible vibration resistance. Wilson's new technology, BLX, has used these basalt fibers and woven them longitudinally with Karophite Black to create the most advanced composite in the industry.

Feel is the impact information transferred into the player’s hand. It determines the ability to sense the ball coming off the paddle and to better control the shot. This is what connects the ball, paddle and player’s hand together

Wilson Technologies

Cutting Edge Construction
Fully composite outer rim construction featuring Basalt Fibers for added paddle strength and soft feel on every shot

Smart Density

Smart Density utilizes two distinct EVA foam densities in one paddle. Smart Density occurs when the paddle responds to the speed of the hit on the paddle face. Your swing and impact can generate more power as Smart Density responds. The Smart Density core allows for more cushioned feel when needed.Core Foam

Smart Density foam used in the paddle core has been taken to the next level using Karophite Black. This nanoscopic level material helps control the voids in the foam providing a more stable hit all around.
Contour Rim
A new engineered rim enhances stiffness for improved stability and control. Smooth paddle edges can increase pressure drag by increasing the size of the wake. Similar to dimples on a golf ball, the contoured rim reduces pressure drag by reducing the wake.
Sharp Hole Technology
Advanced hole drilling process provides increased bite on all hits.
Killer Grit
Wilson tripled the amount of grit on the paddle surface of all of our paddles for increased control and feel of the ball.