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Platform Tennis

Platform Tennis

Head Shape/
(More Maneuverable)
(All Around) 
 Round & Oversized
(Bigger Sweetspot)
≤360g (12.6 oz)
(More Maneuverable)
Viking Junior Smash Blue (Low)
Viking Junior Smash Purple (Low) NEW!
Viking O Zone Ultra 2015 (Low) NEW!
Viking TT Pro Ultra 2015 (Low)
Viking Synergy 2014 (Mid)
Wilson Champ 2015 (Low)
Wilson Xcel 2015 (Mid)
Viking Re-Ignite Ultra 2014 (Low)
Wilson Lite Stick 2015 (Low)
Wilson Hope Lite 2014 (Low)

(12.6-13.4 oz)
(All Around) 

Viking O Zone Lite
Wilson Juice Lite 1/4 Grip
Wilson Juice Lite 1/2 Grip
Wilson Surge 2015
Viking Re-Ignite Lite+ 2014 (Low)
Wilson Ugly Stick 2014 (Low)
 >380 (13.4 oz)
(More Control)
Viking O Zone (Mid+)
Wilson Juice Pro 1/4 Grip
Wilson Juice Pro 1/2 Grip 
Viking OZ (Mid)
Wilson Juice 1/4 Grip
Wilson Juice 1/2 Grip 
Wilson Big Stick Red 2014 (Mid)
Wilson Big Stick Orange (Mid)
Viking Re-Ignite+ 2013 (Low)
Low density = Less Power/More Control. High Density = More Power/Less Control.

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  1. Wilson Steam Lite Platform Tennis Paddle 2016
    Wilson Steam Lite 1/2 2016

    MSRP: $200.00

    Our Price: $99.00

    If you are looking for a sweet spot that delivers the perfect rebound on each ball returned to your opponent then look no further than the Steam Lite. This newly designed head shape is the perfect blend of oversize power and standard size control. And with it weighing only 360g you will have ultimate maneuverability to play for hours.   
    • Lite Density is the lightest density in the game
    • No Grit Zone for ultimate comfort on all two handed shots
    • Bottle Opener in the butt cap for a refreshing beverage after your match
    Learn More
  2. Wilson Blade Smart 2017 Platform Paddle
    Wilson Blade Smart 2017

    The Blade allows players with a large swing pattern to find a perfect balance of power and control.The smaller head size gives players maximum maneuverability and the NEW LH Technology gives players extra spin on the ball. Learn More
  3. Wilson Blade Pro 2017 Platform Tennis Paddle
    Wilson Blade Pro 2017

    The Blade Pro is designed for aggressive swinging players looking for a little more control. The smaller head size gives players maximum maneuverability and the new LH technology gives players extra spin on the ball. Learn More
  4. Wilson Blade Lite 2017 Platform Tennis Paddle
    Wilson Blade Lite 2017

    The Blade Lite has an unparalleled maneuverability which allows players at all levels to feel the superior performance. The new LH Technology gives players extra spin on the ball. Learn More
  5. Viking Zombie Jr 2018 Junior Platform Paddle
    Viking Zombie Jr 2018

    The new Zombie paddle will revolutionize how the junior game will be played. The Zombie is the shortest and lightest paddle Viking has ever developed which will allow children as young as three and four to enjoy the game.


    Learn More
  6. Viking Zombie Jr Junior Platform Tennis Paddle
    Viking Zombie Jr 2016

    MSRP: $79.99

    Our Price: $54.95

    For the first time ever, there is a paddle designed specifically for players three to six years of age.  The Viking Zombie Platform Tennis paddle for children is designed to be lightweight and fun to play with to get little kids into the game. Its soft core helps provide maximum ball control for young ones as they develop their shot-making technique.  Maneuverability is enhanced by its shorter overall length and thinner head thickness.  At 16'' long, this paddle is two inches shorter than an adult paddle and is best suited to children up to age 6.

    Learn More
  7. Viking Smash Jr 2018 Junior Platform Paddle
    Viking Smash Jr 2018

    The Smash is an ultra-light weight paddle with a shorter handle design for exceptional maneuverability. Combined with the smallest grip size in the line, it's the ideal paddle for entry level and junior players getting into the game. Learn More
  8. Viking Re-Ignite Prodigy GG Platform Paddle
    Viking Re-Ignite Prodigy GG

    The Re-Ignite Prodigy is the lightest model within the Re-Ignite family, featuring the same low core density, the extra eight holes enhancement (for the maximum number of holes allowed), and Viking’s proprietary Vibration dampener. The Re-Ignite Prodigy will appeal to players with a slower swing speed who are looking for greater control and better stability from an oversize paddle. Used by Viki Stoklasova and Ana-Marija Zubori. 

    Learn More
  9. Viking Re-Ignite Pro GG Platform Paddle
    Viking Re-Ignite Pro GG

    A long time favorite of tournament and league players alike, the Re-Ignite Pro features an oversized hitting surface and a soft feel due to its low density core. The Re-Ignite Pro is a great choice for heavy hitters who are looking for better control on their shots. Former #1 ranked player and National Champion Mike Cochrane plays with the Re-Ignite. 

    Learn More
  10. Viking Re-Ignite Lite GG Pink Platform Paddle
    Viking Re-Ignite Lite GG Pink

    Out of stock

    Our best-selling paddle is back with our new proprietary “Grit-Guard (GG)” to minimize players’ contact with the grit surface. The Re-Ignite Lite is one of the top selling paddles within the last 10 years. It features the same oversized hitting surface and low-density core as the Re-Ignite but, at 15 grams lighter, offers superior stability and exceptional control without sacrificing pop. Used by Juan Arraya, Steve DeRose, Tyler Fraser, Mike Marino, Roxy Enica, Martina Ondrejkova, and Jade Curtis.  

    Learn More

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