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Paddle Tennis (Padel)

Paddle Tennis (Padel)

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  1. Babolat Contact Paddle
    Babolat Contact

    For players who are starting out or want to progress quickly with a very comfortable racket. Learn More
  2. Babolat Reveal Paddle
    Babolat Reveal

    Its very easy to handle for trying different kinds of shots, while the carbon fiber frame is very durable. With Babolat Reveal you can enjoy your activities without complications. Learn More
  3. Babolat Revenge Lite Paddle
    Babolat Revenge Lite

    For players who start competing, looking for a blade with great manageability and a good balance between power and precision. Learn More
  4. Babolat Viper Carbon Paddle
    Babolat Viper Carbon

    A competition racket that provides maximum power thanks to its diamond shape and black EVA foam with extreme energy return. Its octagonal shape makes it more aerodynamic while its carbon fibre frame and addition of 3k carbon fiber zones provides great stability on impact and excellent durability. Learn More
  5. Tennis Racquet Platform Paddle Grip Size Build Up Service
    Handle Build Up Service

    Looking to get your paddle, racquet, etc handle in a bigger size?  This is your solution.  A technician will professionally build up your handle one full size (i.e 1/4 becomes 3/8).

    -Fee includes everying needed: service, grip sleeve, and replacement grip (factory grip or as close to original grip as possble)

    -Works for any manufacturer.

    -Just add this item to cart  with your paddle/racquet (You may leave additional instructions at checkout if needed.)

    -May affect specifications.

    -Great for reducing tennis elbow, getting a paddle in a larger size not normally offfered, increasing bevel size, and more.

    Learn More
  6. Harrow Eclipse Padel Paddle
    Harrow Eclipse Padel Paddle

    Solid paddle with dynamic performance and carbon weave to create tour playability with loads of shock absorption. Learn More
  7. Harrow Ghost Padel Paddle
    Harrow Ghost Padel Paddle

    Quality padel paddle at an affordable price point. Learn More
  8. Harrow Phoenix Padel Paddle
    Harrow Phoenix Padel Paddle

    Tour quality paddle with a stunning cosmetic using a carbon weave construction. Learn More
  9. Tecmifibre Wall Master 350 Padel Paddle
    Tecmifibre Wall Master 350 Padel Paddle

    For the player who whishes to maximize maneuverability, precision and comfort. Learn More
  10. Tecmifibre Wall Master 365 Padel Paddle
    Tecmifibre Wall Master 365 Padel Paddle

    For the player who wishes to maximize explosiveness and power. Learn More

10 Item(s)

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