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Kneedit Therapeutic Knee Guard

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The ProBand® KneedIT targets the physiological causes of pain associated with Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSIs) to the knee for the amateur and professional athlete alike. KneedIT knee guard is an innovative and unique device scientifically designed to assist in the relief of minor knee pain commonly associated with Arthritis, Tendonitis and Chondromalacia by placing gentle pressure along the medial and lateral soft tissues of the knee. It provides pain relief by gently absorbing force at the knee and by exerting Anatomically Focused Dynamic Compression® across the soft tissues in the front of the knee. Its patented technology is a superior therapy and may be used in conjunction with traditional methods such as taping or wrapping of the knee. KneedIT's anatomic design works in concert with the motion of your knee. By stabilizing the inferior pole of the patella KneedIT may also improve patellar tracking.
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Kneedit Therapeutic Knee Guard Brace

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